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I Produce music on FL Studio since 2010 my new newgrounds account is SpeTheof, see you there!

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TastyTeo's News

Posted by TastyTeo - January 10th, 2015

Hello NG Fans and people, I just wanted to make a last announcement, I will be moving to my new Newgrounds account: SpeTheof (Click to visit)

So if you like my music and you're a loyal fan or anyone interested into my stuff, SEE YOU THERE!


Posted by TastyTeo - December 18th, 2014

I wanted to thank each one of you guys you made my last tetris remix go on the top page of newgrounds! (First in the popular audio page for like a week, 6k listen 2k download!) You really made me happy!

Posted by TastyTeo - May 30th, 2014

My brother (real life brother xD) started a NG account just now, and he uploaded his first song, if you feel like checking him out that would be nice,

Also if you can, leave him a review because he is still learning, that would be a great favor to me and if you want follow him ^_^ - Check out his song:

Posted by TastyTeo - December 5th, 2013

Hello everyone, just wanted to make a small announcement right here as i did not inform NG Fans previously.

It's been a lot time producing stuff on my DJ Theof channel, and this includes Remixes, well remixes will still be available here on NG, but on YouTube, practiaclly, things got a lot fucked up! And by that, what do i mean?

-I lost my youtube partnership

-I have 2 out of 3 Copyright Strikes, one more and the channel will be closed down forever!

Apart from all those stuff, the DJ Theof channel really bugged me out, more specifically:

-*DJ* Theof, well i am not a Disk Jockey in any way, i just produce music on FL Studio, i should be called Theof, or something more simple since i am not doing anything like DJing / Mixing and stuff, I am just a Music Producer

-I did not like the name, so i created this new channel: Technoplasmatic, on YouTube, and of course i changed my soundcloud from DJTheof to Technoplasmatic too. Well since i am from Greece, i wanted to add something greek in my name, i wanted to NOT include the DJ In front of me, and lastly, i wanted to start from zero! Expect more Hands Up Tracks in 2014, more experiments, and more crazy stuff as i got more advanced now!

Cheers guys! and Sorry


Technoplasmatic on YouTube

Technoplasmatic on SoundCloud

Technoplasmatic on Facebook

Posted by TastyTeo - October 23rd, 2013

Wow that is awesome Thanks everyone!

Posted by TastyTeo - April 3rd, 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for helping me reach 200 Fans :D I love you all <3

Posted by TastyTeo - February 6th, 2013

Hey everyone, i've got a youtube channel DJTheof if you don't mind subscribe it, it means a lot to me..

well the news is that i have many unfinished projects and that you should expect some more songs in february now :D i will try to make this year the most out of my skills and produce many songs !! i hope i will get more popular on youtube though